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Experience IBM Connections

Top 4 ways that IBM Connections helps you in the real world.

1. Always stay on top of your work.

Find the right materials in the right place at the right time. Have the latest files, read the most recent comments, and conquer your to-do items quickly with Connections.

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2. Get your team focused and organized.

Give your team a meeting place where they can share ideas and collaborate on work. There the team can also store information and files.

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3. Connect with people.

Create social connections and a sense of community. Join or start an interest group about a particular subject to benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

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4. Manage your projects with ease.

Bring everything you need to manage a successful project together into one place. Invite people to participate in discussions, share ideas, and work on to-do items in one place.

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IBM Connections keeps everything together in one safe place.

IBM Connections provides more than point-to-point communication, it weaves assets and people together into a meaningful context. Establish communities, store files, manage projects, assign todos, and have complete control over wh? can see and edit it all.

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Use Home to post updates, find recent status, notifications, and more here.


Use Activities to organize project work, share information and resources, assign and track to do items, post team information, and organize meetings.


Blogs are online journals that you can use to share information with the rest of your organization.


Use Bookmarks to collect, organize, and share links to web pages of interest to you.

Activities Stream

Share status and stay informed from anywhere in Connections.


A community provides a central collaboration point for a team, with tools to manage membership, gather and share information.


Capture and analyze usage data to see how users are interacting with Connections content.


Profiles is a directory of the people in your organization that allows you to find and connect with the right people fast.


Files offers a convenient way to upload, store, and share files in a central repository.


A forum is an online discussion board with a focus on a particular topic or theme.


A wiki is a centralized collection of documents that team members can view and update.

Social Analytics

See what your colleagues are recommending to follow trending topics and popular content.

1. Always be prepared

The daily newsletter arrives in your inbox first thing in the morning. Review updates that were made in communities, wikis, activities, and other applications. Then visit the home page to process any new notifications or actions.

helpLearn about home page views

Get notified of changes
Single-page to-do list

Use your single-page to-do list so that you never lose track of a task. Collect to-do items for all projects in one place, including those you create and assign to others.

helpLearn about using to-do entries

Never ask "Where is that file?" again. Find the latest version of a document fast, whether it was posted yesterday or two months ago. Upload files from your desktop to share with others.

helpLearn about finding files

Find the latest file
Work on a mobile device

Away from your desktop? Don't miss a thing. Post status updates, see recent activity and notifications, review to-do items, or access a file with Connections Mobile.

helpLearn about mobile

Tips from an IBM Champion
"One of the things I love about IBM Connections is that it autodetects previously uploaded files when I upload a new version. So when I download files and work on them offline (like at a customer location where I'm not connected to the network) I can just drag them back into my personal files or community via the plug-in for Windows Explorer or the Lotus Notes File Widget. The system recognizes the file and prompt me to save it as a new version of the existing file. It allows me to keep track of versions and manage my files quickly and efficiently."

Femke Goedhart, IBM Champion

Business Consultant, Silverside

IBM Champion

2. Organize your team

Bring people together. Create a community for your organization on key projects and common interests. Then, leverage community tools to share information, collaborate, discuss, brainstorm, and get things done.

videoLearn about communities

Create a community
Post files and share bookmarks

Keep your inbo? clear. Get organized by using community tools. Don't send files by email. Use the community tools to post files that all members can view and update. Post bookmarks to web pages of interest.

helpLearn about bookmarks

Give your team something to talk about. Foster communication with a forum to get them sharing ideas and expertise. Have news to broadcast? Try a blog to share updates on a common theme.

helpLearn about blogs

Use forums for discussion
Collaborate in a wiki

Work together. Designate a wiki as a repository for group documents. Community members can contribute, review, and edit documents in a central place. Track to-do items in a community activity.

videoLearn about wikis

Make it personal. Customize your community by adding and removing widgets until you have the right set of tools to get the job done. Have some milestones looming? Add an events calendar to keep everyone up-to-date.

helpLearn how to add widgets

Customize with widgets
Tips from an IBM Champion
"My favorite feature of IBM Connections is that users can make their own changes. Whether uploading a file or posting a status update, Connections allows users to create and publish their own information. It is easy and saves time, leading to better sharing and collaboration."

Lisa Duke, IBM Champion

Business Development Manager, Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc.

IBM Champion

3. Connect with people

You don't need to do it alone. Locate and join a community that interests you. Next step is to reach out to community members, share resources, post comments, and join discussions. Follow the community and get updates via email.

helpLearn how to join a community

Locate a community
Find an expert

Need some help? Search profiles to find others with the expertise you need. Help others find you; update your profile by adding your job information, interests, and tags that indicate your area of expertise.

helpLearn how to find experts

Talk it over with colleagues. Use a forum to discuss and debate solutions to shared problems, ask questions, and leverage the expertise of other people in your organization.

helpLearn about forums

Use a forum
View profiles

Prepare for meetings with new people by viewing their profile. Discover what projects they are involved in, where they work, and who they work for.

helpLearn about viewing profiles

Share work status and progress with a personal touch. Use a personal blog to quickly and easily share your news and views; or, keep the people in your network informed about what you're doing by regularly updating your personal status message.

videoLearn about blogs

Share status
Tips from an IBMer
"By far, my favourite feature is status updates!! Status updates allow me to narrate my work, become more open, collaborative and transparent in what I do, working out loud, allowing folks to benefit from our mutual observable work, versus having to rely on pointless emails where only one or two parties can benefit."

Luis Suarez

Software Group Marketing, IBM


4. Manage projects

Start by getting organized. Create an activity and add sections for e?ch part of the project. Keep track of links, enter links to resources and files, and assign to-do items.

videoLearn about activities

Create an activity with sections
View recent updates

Know exactly what's happening in your project at all times, by viewing Recent Updates in the activity.

helpLearn how to get around in activities

Assign a to-do item to a colleague and they're immediately notified. You get notified as soon as they complete the to-do item. How do you want to get notified? See actions on the home page or set up regular email notifications.

helpLearn about notification preferences

Get emailed about to dos
Keep track of due dates

Your team will always know what they are responsible for and when tasks are due. View all the to-do items for the whole team, organized by person and tasks owned.

helpLearn about to-do entries

Host the best creative thinking session ever. En?ourage the team to share ideas in an ideation blog, then ask everyone to vote for their favorites.

helpLearn about ideation blogs

Finalize a presentation

Finalize your presentation in a flash. Don't send it out for review in email and be stuck getting different review copies. Instead, upload the presentation and share with the team. Everyone can review and post updates as new versions of the original file.

videoLearn about file sharing

Tips from an IBMer
"I really like that you can share status from anywhere in Connections. I can post an update when the thought strikes me regardless of what page I'm on. It lets me quickly and easily let my team and community know what I am working on, what I need help with, or share a customer insight."

Suzanne Livingston

Senior Product Manager, IBM


According to an IBM survey, employees spend two hours a day looking for the correct information and expertise within an organization. Employees also spend five hours per week working around inefficient processes. IBM Connections enables employees to find others with the expertise they need and retain those relationships through networks.

Survey: Capitalizing on Complexity

Insights from the IBM Global CEO Study, IBM


What else do you want to know? These resources continue to tell the story, starting with examples of how others use Connections, to learning about more applications, and finding videos that demonstrate it all.

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Install the mobile application

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Install extras

IBM Connections plug-ins

Use one of many Connections plug-ins available to save time uploading files and posting updates. Plug-ins are available for software such as Lotus Notes, IBM Sametime, and Microsoft Windows®.

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