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Headers sit at the top of the content area of the page, providing the user with a "title" and often a description and/or page-specific actions. Filters are a feature of a header, which shows the user which filters are applied to the page, and allows them to remove them.


Simple Header

Header With Filters

Header With Image


  • lotusHeader - the class assigned to the component div
  • lotusDetails - the class assigned a div that sits under the h2 tag and wraps any detailed information
  • lotusFilters - the class assigned to a div that wraps filters that apply to the page.
  • lotusFilter - the class assigned to a a filter link.
  • lotusClose - the class assigned to the close "X."
  • lotusDivider - the class assigned to the dividers between filters.
  • lotusLayout - for headers with images to the left, use a lotusLayout table inside the lotusHeader div.

Other classes - like lotusBtnContainer, lotusMeta and lotusAction, to name a few - can be found inside a header.

Basic Implementation

Create div and assign it the class of lotusHeader. Inside that, place an h1 tag with your page header text.

If you have additional details, place them inside a div assigned the class of lotusDetails after your h1 text.


If the page is filtered, create a div and assign it the class of lotusFilters. Create a link for each filter and assign it the class of lotusFilter.

Inside each link, place the filter text, and then the following code: <span class="lotusClose">X</span>.

In between each filter, put a span assigned the class of lotusDivider surrounding a pipe (|).

If you have a complex header that requires a layout table for alignment, place a table assigned the class of lotusLayout inside the wrapping lotusHeader div.


Sample HTML - Simple Header

Sample HTML - Header With Filters

Sample HTML - Header With Image

CSS (header.css)

Theme CSS (headerTheme.css)

Headers have morphed a lot during their history, the newest iteration being filters. They use the only h1 tag on the page because they are the title of the page.

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