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Legal Notices

Legal notices appear after the footer. There are three different types - one for the login page, a longer one for the about page, and the shortest one for the rest of the application pages.


About page

Login Page

Other Pages


  • lotusLegal - the main class that goes on a layout table
  • lotusLicense - used on the table cell that contains the legal text
  • lotusBuild - used on the table cell that contains the build text

Basic Implementation

Create a table and assign it the class lotusLegal. In the first cell, place the IBM logo (ibmLogoFooter.gif). Assign the lotusLicense class to the second cell and place the license text in the cell.


The legal area on the login page is constructed the same way, with slightly longer license text.

The legal area on the about page has a third table cell that contains the java logo (javaLogo.gif). The license text in the second cell is longer. And it contains a second table row with build information in the center cell (assign the lotusBuild class to that cell).


Sample HTML - About

Sample HTML - Login

Sample HTML - Other

CSS (legal.css)

Theme CSS (legalTheme.css)

This component started off using a div but variations evolved and it became easier to line up image(s) and text using a layout table.

The div version of the legal statements are obsolete. Use the table version of the component, as described on this page.

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