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Messages provide the user with information after performing an action. The messages fall into four categories - error, warnings, informational and confirmation.

The default message type is an error message.


Error Message (default)

Warning Message

Information Message

Confirmation Message


  • lotusMessage - gives you the default error message
  • lotusWarning - additional class for warning message
  • lotusInfo - additional class for informational message
  • lotusConfirm - additional class for confirmation message
  • lotusDelete - class for optional close icon

Basic Implementation

Create a div and assign it the class lotusMessage.

Put the appropriate image inside the div, and wrap the message text in a span tag.

If a close button is desired, add a link surrounding a blank image (see code tab, error message example) assigned the lotusDelete class.


See the above classes for additional classes to use on the lotusMessage div.


Sample HTML - Error Message

Sample HTML - Warning Message

Sample HTML - Information Message

Sample HTML - Confirmation Message

CSS (messages.css)

Theme CSS (messagesTheme.css)

April 2007: added optional close icon to the error message.

We used to just have one message box. Now we have 4 different types of messages.

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