Documentation resources

The starting point for information is the product documentation. The product documentation is delivered in the WebSphere Portal Family wiki. There are still other sites and resources available to you when working with WebSphere® Portal, but this consolidation is intended to make finding information easier. It is also intended to drive improvements into the content and let the community edit and comment on the documentation. Knowing where to look for information can save you time and money. Learn more about primary and secondary resources for Web Content Manager and WebSphere Portal documentation and supplemental content.

There are two primary sources for content: the WebSphere Portal Family wiki and WebSphere Portal Support site. An excellent secondary source is developerWorks, where you can find examples and tutorial-based articles.

Conceptual graphic illustrating two primary sources of content, WebSphere Portal Family wiki and Support Page, and the hyperlink that connect them.
Each content source links to the other sources to help you navigate between the resources. Each content source has a specific objective and is intended to be used with the other sources.

The product documentation delivered in the wiki (on the Product Documentation tab) is developed by IBM to help you take advantage of features based on expected usage patterns. You can contribute to the content to reflect your experience with the product. The wiki content accessed from the Home tab is developed by the community, both inside and outside of IBM. The intent is to share experiences with the product and based on actual usage patterns and use cases. The Support content is developed by IBM Support to help you avoid and diagnose issues with the intent of being as responsive as possible.

WebSphere Portal Wiki

The wiki includes:
  • Product Documentation tab which includes:
    • Overview of the product with new feature highlights, product features, and accessibility
    • Planning information for deployment
    • Installation instructions targeted to single server for proof-of-concepts or development servers, stand-alone production, and clustered production environments
    • Configuration options that are typically done one time, or infrequently, and have global effect on the portal
    • Administration tasks for day to day usage
    • Integration instructions
    • Development information to help you develop portlets and applications
    • Troubleshooting information with logging and tracing information
    • Messages to help you diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Supplemental guides, such as the Performance and Tuning Guide
  • IBM Redbooks
  • Best Practices
  • Deployment scenarios
  • Multimedia offerings, such as task-based demonstrations and videos
  • Reference cards
Key points to remember about the wiki:
  • Information previously delivered in the information center is now delivered from the Product Documentation tab of the wiki.
  • The content is experience driven
  • You can edit articles, add comments, and author your own articles
  • The wiki is monitored by IBM
  • You can subscribe to RSS feeds for new articles, comments, and recent edits

WebSphere Portal Support page

The Support page includes:
  • Technotes written in response to issues with the product or the documentation
  • Fix pack downloads including instructions for applying fixes
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Flashes for high priority issues
Key points to remember about the Support page:
  • You can subscribe to updates and new Support content using MyNotifications
  • You can download tools, such as the IBM Support Assistant