Cloning preparation

You must prepare your source and target systems prior to cloning a web content repository.

Oracle Considerations

When setting up an Oracle database for JCR you would ideally have a separate physical Oracle database for each JCR repository. This will make it very simple to copy a JCR repository from one system to another.

If you do choose to store all of your JCR repositories in a single database then it is best to use the same schema name for each, even if it will be difficult to tell which JCR instance each schema belongs too.

If you instead choose to name the schemas differently for each JCR repository instance, copying will be much more difficult. You would have to do a schema export and import first, then a second export of views and triggers into "sqlexport". Then modify the source schema name with the target schema name in the "sqlexport" and finally make another import of the "sqlexport" into the target schema. This is not the recommended approach.