Adding predefined web content to the customization shelf

To make web content easier to find, the customization shelf provides categories to organize components that you can add, such as portlets, iWidgets, and web content. By default, the Web Content category includes four sample content items, but you can also add your own content to the Web Content category.

To include a web content item in the Web Content category of the customization shelf, complete the following steps.

  1. Using the administration interface, make a copy of the portlet called Web Content Viewer (JSR 286). Give the copy a name that indicates the content item that the viewer represents.
  2. Add the new web content viewer to a page. This page is only required temporarily to provide a way of configuring the web content viewer.
  3. Open the Configure mode for the portlet.
  4. Select the content item that you want to add in the Content Type section.
  5. Select Select content and path in the Content Behavior section.
  6. Select Create content (based on selection) in the section called When this Portlet is added to the page.
    Note: Portlets that use this setting cannot be added to a page that does not have a default content association.
  7. In the Content section, specify the content item or site area that this viewer represents.

After you complete these steps, the copy of the web content viewer representing your web content is displayed in the Web Content category of the customization shelf. Whenever you add this portlet copy to a page, the associated content item or site area is copied into the site area that is associated to the page by the default content association.

XML configuration interface note: You can also use the XML configuration interface (xmlaccess command) to create the copies of the web content viewer. To specify the behavior of the Create content (based on selection) setting with the xmlaccess command, specify this portlet preference in the XML import file:
  • Preference:
  • Value: true