Displaying data from external sources

You display data from external sources using the same methods as you would when creating a website.

Displaying data

You can display content from external sources using standard Java tag libraries and a JSP element. Java code using standard Java APIs or tag libraries can be used to display and format data from databases, LDAP repositories, or send email.

If using a rendering portlet to display web content on a portal page, you can also use other IBM® WebSphere® Portal portlets on the same portal page to display data.

Web page aggregation

Content from external websites and IBM Web Content Manager can be displayed together on a portal page by using standard WebSphere Portal portlets for displaying content from external websites. Please refer to the web Page portlet and web clipping portlet sections of this Information Center for information about creating and configuring these portlets.

This functionality is only available when displaying content in WebSphere Portal. These portlets are not accessible from the Web Content Manager servlet, though standard Java API or tag libraries may be used with a JSP element to achieve the same result.