Indenting element designs

You use an indent tag to format element designs that require results to be indented.

This is the format of a IndentCmpnt tag:

[indentcmpnt repeat=" " offset=" " start=" " end=" " ]

To create a IndentCmpnt tag:

  1. Click Insert a Tag from a presentation template or element design field. The Tag Helper dialog opens.
  2. Select Indent as the tag type.
  3. Select an offset level. The offset is used to determine how many times the repeat string is used for each indent. The offsets used are based on the number of nodes of the hierarchical content being displayed. For example, A current node depth of 5 and an offset value of -2 would render the repeat string three times. If the sum of the offset and the node depth is negative or 0, the repeat string is not rendered.
  4. Click OK to add the tag to your design.
Once you have added the tag to your design, you can also add the following parameters to the tag:
Table 1. indent tag parameters
Tag parameter Description
repeat=" " Enter the text to repeat at the beginning of the indent.
start=" "

end=" "

The start and end attributes are used to wrap the data returned by a tag within other tags, such as HTML. These attributes are not mandatory.
Double-byte character sets:

Not all double-byte character sets support extended ASCII. To use tags such as " " you need to replace "&" with "&".

For example:
[indentcmpnt offset="0" repeat="  "]