Option selection element

An option selection element is used to present a list of predefined options that your content creators can select from when creating a content item or site area. An option selection element can only be added to an authoring template.

When using an option selection element, you can either enter a custom set of options, or select a set of categories. Which option you use will depend on how you want to use the option selection element.

Simplifying item profiling

If you select a set of categories in a option selection element, you can choose to have the categories that a user selects when creating an item added to the item's profile. This means you can use multiple option selection elements on an item form to simplify the process of profiling an item. For example, if you used separate taxonomies for "product type", "team" and "campaign", you could use three separate option selection elements in an authoring template. This would make it easier for your content creators to select categories from each taxonomy on the content form.

Displaying different text on a rendered page

A simple use-case for using option selection elements is when you want to enable content creators to select from a short list of text options that will then be rendered on a page. For example, if you wanted to indicate different document types such as a "procedure", "policy" or "news" on the rendered page.

Working with custom code

Option selection elements can also be used to allow content creators to select different options that can then be used as parameters in some custom code such as a custom workflow or a JSP component.