Enabling support for search seedlist 1.0

If you want to use Portal Search to crawl your web content and leverage features like web content pages you must enable seedlist 1.0 support for the Portal Search crawler.

  1. Log in to the portal as an administrator.
  2. Click Administration in the tool bar.
  3. Create a new search collection.
    1. Click Manage Search > Search Collections.
    2. Create a new search collection for your web content. Be sure that the new search collection uses the portal search service edited in the previous steps.
  4. Add the following custom properties to the WP ConfigService resource environment using the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console:
    1. wcm.config.seedlist.version=1.0
    2. wcm.config.seedlist.servletpath=/seedlist
    3. wcm.config.seedlist.metakeys=<metakey1>,<metakey2> This is an optional step and is only required if you want to specify your own metadata.