Managing versions of items

You can configure your system to either automatically save a version of an item each time it is published, or allow users to select when to save a version of an item. You can restore items individually, or choose to restore a set of items within a library that either have the same label or were versioned at, or before, a specified date and time. Versioning is controlled through the Web Content Manager configuration services in the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console and is enabled by default.

Item level version control

Item names: An item name is independent of version control. For example, changing the name of version 4 will also change the name of all versions of that item.

Library level version control

You can apply a label to the most recent set of saved versions in a library at any time and then restore all the items with the same label at a later date.

Note: Labels that you apply to versions are not syndicated to subscribers.

Clearing version history

The clear versions tool can be used to clear version histories from items. It is configurable and can be used to clear versions within a specific date range, for specific item-types or libraries, or to keep only a certain number of most recent versions.