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Top 6 ways IBM Notes helps you in the real world.

1. Control your inbox, don't let it control you.

Quickly go through your emails, using preview and conversations. Create mail rules to automatically filter and file incoming messages. Automatically accept calendar invitations. Archive old mail to free up space.

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2. See emails from your boss first.

Make your boss's emails stand out from the crowd; assign a text or background color that makes them pop.

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3. Work in the office or on the go.

IBM Notes makes it easy to work offline with mail, calendar, to-dos, and applications.

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4. Manage your time and meet on your terms.

Manage work and personal calendars all in one place, set alarms to remind you where you should be, and make your schedule workable.

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5. Kick off new projects the right way.

Right from your inbox, determine the team, schedule regular meetings, and set up a team room to keep track of activities, assign tasks, and track status.

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6. Catch up fast from being out of the office.

Block your calendar and set Out-of-Office to automatically let people know when you will be back and who to contact in your absence. When you get back, review the summary report to see who tried to contact you while you were out.

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We're excited about 9.0 Social Edition and you should be too!

It has a contemporary user interface, simpler navigation, and information is easier to find. We are pleased to announce the IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition release. IBM Notes Social Edition puts you on a solid path to becoming a social business.

IBM Notes comes with many features

A single point of access to everything you need. IBM Notes is communication software that provides many of the same features as most email systems. It lets you send and receive mail, add events to your calendar and invite others, and keep lists of your contacts and to-do items.

Tips from an IBMer
"There are so many great new features in this release... I would be hard-pressed to pick just one. I love that when you finish replying or forwarding an email, the original closes as well. One less click. I love that calendar entries update automatically, without having to click "update calendar." I love that the toolbar only appears in edit mode, since I almost never use it in read or view mode. Clean. Simple. More intuitive. Notes 9.0 Social Edition delivers."

Ed Brill

Director, IBM Notes Product Management, IBM


1. Conquer your inbox

Flag specific emails for later follow-up. Keep track of all flagged emails in a special Follow Up view.

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Flag specific emails
Start typing to find documents

Looking for that one email you need? Right-click your inbox and quickly search by Sender or by Subject.

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More than one John Smith in your contact list? To always send mail to the correct person, choose to display "Job Title" or "Company Name" beside the contact name in type-ahead.

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Categorize email
Tips from an IBMer
"Just right-click to get a set of smart contextual options. Click someone to add them to contacts, view collaboration history, or find available time to meet. My favorite is to right-click an email and select Copy Into New > Calendar Entry and everyone on the email is added to the Required and Optional fields respectively."

-Margo Ezekiel

IBM Notes User Experience Designer, IBM


2. Work with your boss

Assign a text or background color to messages from different senders, so you can find their emails quickly.

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Assign a text or background color
Find times to meet

Find time to meet with your boss today by finding available time right from your inbox.

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From your boss's email, use the contextual options and quickly schedule a meeting with all the right people.

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Schedule meetings from your inbox
Tips from an IBMer
"I save a lot of time responding to emails by entering comments inline using permanent pen. Just customize how you want your permanent pen to look and it is saved in preference for every time you use it. Just click the permanent pen button and go."

-Ed Brill

Director, IBM Notes Product Management, IBM


3. Work on the go

Keep working even when your network connection is not. IBM Notes lets you create offline copies of your inbox and other applications, allowing you to access them anytime, anywhere.

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Work offline
Work on a mobile device

Don't be tied to ? desk. Use your wireless handheld device with IBM Notes Traveler to see your email, calendar, and address book in real time.

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Tips from an IBM Champion
"Have you ever wanted to share multiple documents from a Notes view with your colleagues? It's easy . From any view, select the documents you want to share and select Edit > Copy As > Table. Paste the table directly into an email, spreadsheet or other app. The table even includes links to the source documents! How great is that?"

-Bruce Elgort, IBM Champion

President & CEO, Elguji Software, Inc.

IBM Champion

4. Meet on your terms

Conference call at 3:00, your kid's soccer game at 3:30 - life can be busy. Calendar entries from your GoogleTM calendar, iCalendar, or other calendar application, can be displayed in one place, right along your Notes calendar entries.

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Manage all your calendars
Set alarms

Trying to meet a deadline? Set automatic alarms for all calendar entries of a particular type, such as meetings, so you don't forget to call in when you're heads down.

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Get help managing your time. You can let specified people open yo?r calendar, create and delete calendar entries, and create and delete to-do items for you.

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Let others help manage your calendar
Tips from an IBM Champion
"IBM Notes has fantastic message tracking capabilities. Save space and make it easier to track message history by replying (without history) and then select Display > Original Message when composing the email. IBM Notes conversations functionality will help you save space and make it easier to track message history in IBM Notes Mail. One reduces the clutter in a message, while still being able to easily refer to the replies - from ANY view or folder - and when the conversation is forwarded; everything appears in the correct chronological order. See how this is done."

-Mat Newman, IBM Champion

Director - Education, ISW

IBM Champion

5. Kick off a project

First, you'll want to contact your team. Create a team group entry from a message, meeting invitation, or to-do item you've received from team members.

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Manage a team
Schedule repeating meetings

Next, schedule a meeting that repeats weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule of your choice, and send it to your team.

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Finally, set up a Notes teamroom to track your team's activities, assign tasks to team members, and manage your project schedule.

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Use a teamroom to track progress
Tips from an IBMer
"Most of my day is spent in meetings and using Stationery saves me time and keeps me organized. I went to Tools > Stationery to create a template that includes headings for meeting title, attendees, topics, and actions. Then, each time I attend a meeting, I create a new message using that Stationery and take notes under each section so I don't forget anything. At the end of the meeting I can send it out and add it to a Connections Activity."

-Jane Wilson

IBM Notes Product Management, IBM


6. Catch up fast

Don't leave any loose ends when you are out of the office; block your calendar, automatically let people know when you will return, and provide a contact in your absence. When you get back, review a summary report to see who tried to contact you while you were out.

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Let people know when you are away
Pick up where you left off

Remember what you were working on?

Notes can pick up where you left off, reopening all the same tabs you had open when you last closed Notes.

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Everything in IBM Notes is a database. Your email and contacts are both databases. You can even create application databases to keep track of documents for projects.


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